Engineering synthetic biomolecular condensates

TitleEngineering synthetic biomolecular condensates
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsDai, Y, You, L, Chilkoti, A
JournalNature Reviews Bioengineering
Date Published04/2023
Type of ArticleReview

The concept of phase-separation-mediated formation of biomolecular condensates provides a new framework to understand cellular organization and cooperativity-dependent cellular functions. With growing understanding of how biological systems drive phase separation and how cellular functions are encoded by biomolecular condensates, opportunities have emerged for cellular control through engineering of synthetic biomolecular condensates. In this Review, we discuss how to construct synthetic biomolecular condensates and how they can regulate cellular functions. We first describe the fundamental principles by which biomolecular components can drive phase separation. Next, we discuss the relationship between the properties of condensates and their cellular functions, which informs the design of components to create programmable synthetic condensates. Finally, we describe recent applications of synthetic biomolecular condensates for cellular control and discuss some of the design considerations and prospective applications.

Short TitleNat Rev Bioeng