Programmable liquid, gel and biohybrid compartments and methods of use

TitleProgrammable liquid, gel and biohybrid compartments and methods of use
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsLopez, GP, Simon, JR, Carroll, NJ, Chilkoti, A
Patent Version NumberUS20200276553A1
International Patent NumberUS20200276553A1
International Patent ClassificationB01J13/06
Application NumberUS20200276553A1
Date Published09/2020

Nano- to microscale liquid coacervate particles are provided. The liquid coacervate particles are produced by a process including stimulating a population of liquid droplets containing one or a mixture of components to induce a phase separation point of a first component, and maintaining stimulation at the phase separation point to form a coacervate domain of the first component within each of the droplets to form the liquid coacervate particles. The self-assembled nano, meso, micro and macro liquid coacervate particles and related coated substrates can have utility in drug delivery, bioanalytical systems, controlled cell culture, tissue engineering, biomanufacturing and drug discovery.