Immune-active polymeric materials for the treatment of inflammatory diseases

TitleImmune-active polymeric materials for the treatment of inflammatory diseases
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsLazar, KM, Shetty, S, Chilkoti, A, Collier, JH
JournalCurrent Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science
Date Published4-Jul-23


In recent years, a growing understanding of the underlying mechanisms of autoinflammatory and autoimmune disease has enabled significant advances in biomaterial therapeutics for their treatment and prevention. Drug-free or immune-active polymeric materials are of particular interest due to their chemical tunability, multifaceted mechanisms of action, and potential to offer alternatives to conventional treatments. While in many cases the relationships between polymer physicochemical properties and the immune processes they influence are context-dependent and require further clarity, several concepts are emerging that can be applied in the design of anti-inflammatory materials. This review highlights recent work that investigates these relationships, as well as work that applies them to immunomodulatory biomaterials for the treatment or prevention of autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases.

Short TitleCurrent Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science