Chilkoti Group

The Chilkoti group carries out research in two areas: (1) Biomolecular Materials, with a focus on genetically encoded stimulus responsive peptide polymers and fusion proteins for application in protein purification and drug delivery; and (2) Biointerface Science, with a focus on protein-polymer conjugates, the development of low-cost, point-of-care clinical diagnostics, and plasmonic biosensors.

Recent Publications

R. Abedini-Nassab, Joh, D. , Albarghouthi, F. , Chilkoti, A. , Murdoch, D. Martin, and Yellen, B. , Magnetophoretic Transistors in a Tri-axial Magnetic Field, Lab Chip, 2016.
Y. Pang, Liu, J. , Qi, Y. , Li, X. , and Chilkoti, A. , A Modular Method for the High-Yield Synthesis of Site-Specific Protein-Polymer Therapeutics, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2016.
W. Liu, McDaniel, J. R. , Li, X. , Schaal, J. , Zalutsky, M. , and Chilkoti, A. , Development of an Injectable Brachytherapy Using Self-Assembly Polypeptides, Brachytherapy, vol. 15, p. S64, 2016.

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