Chilkoti Group

The Chilkoti group carries out research in two areas: (1) Biomolecular Materials, with a focus on genetically encoded stimulus responsive peptide polymers and fusion proteins for application in protein purification and drug delivery; and (2) Biointerface Science, with a focus on protein-polymer conjugates, the development of low-cost, point-of-care clinical diagnostics, and plasmonic biosensors.

Recent Publications

Y. Dai, Farag, M. , Lee, D. , Zeng, X. , Kim, K. , Son, H. -in, Guo, X. , Su, J. , Peterson, N. , Mohammed, J. , Ney, M. , Shapiro, D. Mark, Pappu, R. V. , Chilkoti, A. , and You, L. , Programmable synthetic biomolecular condensates for cellular control, Nature Chemical Biology, 2023.
I. Ozer, Kelly, G. , Gu, R. , Li, X. , Zakharov, N. , Sirohi, P. , Nair, S. K. , Collier, J. H. , Hershfield, M. S. , Hucknall, A. M. , and Chilkoti, A. , Polyethylene Glycol‐Like Brush Polymer Conjugate of a Protein Drug Does Not Induce an Antipolymer Immune Response and Has Enhanced Pharmacokinetics than Its Polyethylene Glycol Counterpart, Advanced Science, vol. 9, no. 11, p. 2103672, 2022.
J. L. Schaal, Bhattacharyya, J. , Brownstein, J. , Strickland, K. C. , Kelly, G. , Saha, S. , Milligan, J. , Banskota, S. , Li, X. , Liu, W. , Kirsch, D. G. , Zalutsky, M. R. , and Chilkoti, A. , Brachytherapy via a depot of biopolymer-bound 131I synergizes with nanoparticle paclitaxel in therapy-resistant pancreatic tumours, Nature Biomedical Engineering, vol. 6, no. 10, pp. 1148 - 1166, 2022.

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