Chilkoti Group

The Chilkoti group carries out research in two areas: (1) Biomolecular Materials, with a focus on genetically encoded stimulus responsive peptide polymers and fusion proteins for application in protein purification and drug delivery; and (2) Biointerface Science, with a focus on protein-polymer conjugates, the development of low-cost, point-of-care clinical diagnostics, and plasmonic biosensors.

Recent Publications

J. Bhattacharyya, Ren, X. -rong, Mook, R. , Wang, J. , Spasojevic, I. , Premont, R. , Li, X. , Chen, W. , and Chilkoti, A. , Niclosamide-conjugated polypeptide nanoparticles inhibit Wnt signaling and colon cancer growth, Nanoscale, 2017.
D. Y. Joh, Hucknall, A. M. , Wei, Q. , Mason, K. A. , Lund, M. L. , Fontes, C. M. , Hill, R. T. , Blair, R. , Zimmers, Z. , Achar, R. K. , Tseng, D. , Gordan, R. , Freemark, M. , Ozcan, A. , and Chilkoti, A. , Inkjet-printed point-of-care immunoassay on a nanoscale polymer brush enables subpicomolar detection of analytes in blood, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 444121838814752313273035124695040711641683645298, p. 201703200, 2017.
K. M. Luginbuhl, Schaal, J. L. , Umstead, B. , Mastria, E. M. , Li, X. , Banskota, S. , Arnold, S. , Feinglos, M. , Alessio, D. ’, and Chilkoti, A. , One-week glucose control via zero-order release kinetics from an injectable depot of glucagon-like peptide-1 fused to a thermosensitive biopolymer, Nature Biomedical Engineering, vol. 1261126223413166524147, p. 0078, 2017.

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