PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals is a start-up company founded by Ashutosh Chilkoti in 2002 that has licensed an intellectual property portfolio related to the use of elastin-like polypeptides (ELPs) for protein purification, capture, and drug delivery from Duke University.  To date, PhaseBio has raised ~ $65 million in venture capital funding.  The company develops ELP fusions to improve the stability, bioavailability, activity and ease of administration of proteins and peptides, with the goal of achieving greater potency, fewer side effects and better patient compliance. PhaseBio has launched and completed multiple clinical trials of ELPs fused to peptide drugs for treatment of diabetes and heart disease.



Sentilus was launched in 2012 by Ashutosh Chilkoti and Angus Hucknall. Sentilus focuses on the use of a “nonfouling” polymer brush technology developed in the Chilkoti Group for detection of protein analytes that radically departs from conventional technology.  This polymer coating eliminates the largest source of assay noise –non-specific binding– and thereby maximizes signal-to-noise (S/N) in heterogeneous immunoassays.  By doing so, it allows clinicians to “see” proteins at levels previously too small to observe by standard immunoassays from blood, serum, urine, or saliva.   A novel assay design also extends the reach of the platform into the arena of point-of-care tests (POCT) by design of a self-contained chip that quantitatively measures multiple analytes from a drop of blood. This technology platform is also useful for isolation of rare cell types; the coating of implants and biomedical devices; and the development of vastly improved biotechnology tools and reagents such as magnetic capture beads, affinity chromatography media and filters.  Sentilus was acquired by Immucor  (Links:  MarketWatch, NCBiotech, Pratt) on October 1, 2014.



Isolere is developing IsoTag™, a technology that will provide a faster and less expensive alternative to Protein A chromatography, the current gold standard capture step in monoclonal antibody production. The IsoTag™ technology uses a recombinant fusion of an antibody binding domain and a stimulus responsive biopolymer and works on the basis of affinity/phase separation -- simple and scalable unit operations.