Peptide-based biopolymers in biomedicine and biotechnology

TitlePeptide-based biopolymers in biomedicine and biotechnology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsChow, DC, Nunalee, ML, Lim, DW, Simnick, AJ, Chilkoti, A
JournalMaterials Science and Engineering: R: Reports
Pagination125 - 155
Date Published9/2008

Peptides are emerging as a new class of biomaterials due to their unique chemical, physical, and biological properties. The development of peptide-based biomaterials is driven by the convergence of protein engineering and macromolecular self-assembly. This review covers the basic principles, applications, and prospects of peptide-based biomaterials. We focus on both chemically synthesized and genetically encoded peptides, including poly-amino acids, elastin-like polypeptides, silk-like polymers, and other biopolymers based on repetitive peptide motifs. Applications of these engineered biomolecules in protein purification, controlled drug delivery, tissue engineering, and biosurface engineering are discussed.

Short TitleMaterials Science and Engineering: R: Reports
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