June 23, 2009:

Congratulations to Felipe Garcia Quiroz for winning the Medtronic Foundation Fellowship!

May 29, 2009:

Chilkoti Group Annual Summer Picnic! The group gathered in the Duke Forest to have their 2nd annual summer picnic and 2nd Annual Chilkoti Pro Summer League Volleyball Championship. The weather was near perfect; lots of foods were consumed; and the vball competition was fierce. Check the pics from the event. Huge thanks to Vicky and Amy for organizing, setting up, and for taking pics!

October 13, 2008:

Congratulations to Ryan Hill for winning 2nd Prize in the poster competition at the Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics 2008 Annual Meeting!

October 5, 2008:

The Chilkoti Group gathered at Tosh's house for Andrew's farewell party.  He will be leaving us soon to begin work as an Assistant Professor at  the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy!  We'd all like to congratulate Andrew on his new job and wish him best of luck with his research.  Check out pictures from the event (Courtesy of Tak).

October 3, 2008:

The Chilkoti Group would like to cordially welcome visiting professor, Takeshi Mori, who has come from Japan to rock out with us and study ELP!  Welcome to Durham, Tak!

September 4, 2008:

Congratulations to Andy Simnick who is the recipient of the BMES 2008 Graduate Research Award!

September 2, 2008:

Congratulations to Sarah Reagan Mac Ewan who recently won the Howard Clark Fellowship from our very own Department of Biomedical Engineering as part of an inaugural Named Fellowship Competition!  Congrats to Wafa Hassouneh as well; she received Honorable Mention!

July 17, 2008:

The Chilkoti Group rested all their pipettors, shut down all their centrifuges, and cancelled all plasmon propagation today in favor of gathering at Little River Park (just north of tropical Durham, NC) for a summer picnic!  Given the relatively dry heat, all sorts of summer fun was had; frisbees, volleyball, badminton, soccer, nature walking, sun burning, sweating, hydrating, eating, etc.  Multiple photographers were on hand to document the ongoings, however, no one managed to capture evidence of the small fire we started!  We did, however, capture a particularly fierce volleyball sequence (be sure to click over to the play by play commentary as well) during our professional volleyball tournament.  Also, check out another gallery with all sorts of pictures from the event.  Thanks to Amy and Vicky for making this happen!

February 23, 2008:

Congratulations to Dan and Nikki Callahan who, as of 1:04am, became the proud parents of baby Abigail Marie Callahan! Everyone appears to be in great health, and the newest addition to the Callahan family weighed in at 7 lb 15 oz (20 inches long) with dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.

February 22, 2008:

Duke just launched a new website that was named by none other than our own Michelle Nunalee!

February 20, 2008:

Trine, Andrew, and Melissa were caught doing experiments in lab by the News & Observer!  They were featured in an article written about the NC Biotechnology Center.

January 26, 2008:

The Chilkoti Group gathered for Dong Woo Send-Off party!  Pictorial evidence is presented here.  Dong Woo is currently on his way to Michigan (he's in a uhaul as the webmaster types) to work with the Lahann Lab!  We wish him luck!

October 1, 2007:

Chilkoti Group has initiated project website revamp!

August 15, 2007:

Congratulations to Dong Woo for successfully defending his dissertation!