Patents and Patent Applications

Patent Application Number Patent Number
A. Chilkoti, Schaal, J. L. , and Liu, W. , LIQUIDLY INJECTABLE, SELF-STABILIZING BIOPOLYMERS FOR THE DELIVERY OF RADIONUCLIDE, U.S. Patent 17/294,3682022. 17/294,368
A. Chilkoti and Hucknall, A. , Detection devices and related methods of use, 2022. 11249079
G. P. Lopez, Chilkoti, A. , Ghoorchian, A. , and Quiroz, F. Garcia, Systems and devices for protease detection based on engineered polymers and biopolymers and methods of use, 2022. 11268127
A. Chilkoti, Tang, N. , and Kelly, G. , UNSTRUCTURED NON-REPETITIVE POLYPEPTIDES HAVING LCST BEHAVIOR, U.S. Patent 17/477,1922022. 17/477,192
J. Liu and Chilkoti, A. , DEVICES AND METHODS FOR IMAGING MICROARRAY CHIPS, U.S. Patent 17/607,7612022. 17/607,761
A. Chilkoti, Banskota, S. , Yousefpour, P. , and Bhattacharyya, J. , Genetically encoded intrinsically disordered stealth polymers for delivery and methods of using same, 2022. 11458205
A. Chilkoti, Franklin, A. , Yellen, B. , Hucknall, A. , Joh, D. , Abedini-Nassab, R. , and Andrews, J. , Nonfouling biosensors, 2022. 11467156
A. Chilkoti, Wood, K. , and Manzari, M. , Compositions and methods for the treatment of trail-resistant cancer, 2022. 11491206
A. Chilkoti, Zauscher, S. , Tang, L. , and Deshpande, S. , Amphiphilic polynucleotides, 2022. 11512314
Patent Application Number Patent Number
A. Chilkoti, Therapeutic agents comprising a BMP-9 peptide and eleastin-like peptides, 2021. 11103558
A. Chilkoti, Rangarajan, S. , Amiram, M. , and Hucknall, A. , Direct detection of RNA by surface initiated enzymatic polymerization, 2021. 11130987
A. Chilkoti, Non-fouling polymeric surface modification and signal amplification method for biomolecular detection, 2021. 11130989
A. Chilkoti and Bhattacharyya, J. , Triblock polypeptide-based nanoparticles for the delivery of hydrophilic drugs, 2021. 11135301
A. Chilkoti, Tang, N. , and Kelly, G. , Unstructured non-repetitive polypeptides having LCST behavior, 2021. 11155584
A. Chilkoti and Hucknall, A. , Chips, detectors, and methods of making and using the same, 2021. 11169150
A. Chilkoti and Gilroy, C. , Dual agonist fusion proteins, 2021.
P. Yousefpour and Chilkoti, A. , Nanoparticulate drug delivery systems, U.S. Patent 17/2728872021. 17/272887
K. M. Luginbuhl and Chilkoti, A. , Genetically Encoded Polypeptide for Affinity Capture and Purification of Biologics, U.S. Patent 17/3495582021. 17/349558 17349558
A. Chilkoti and Ma, H. , Tunable nonfouling surface of oligoethylene glycol, U.S. Patent US20210047520A12021. US20210047520A1