A gravity-driven droplet fluidic point-of-care test.

Vahabi, H; Liu, J; Dai, Y; Joh, DY; Britton, R; Heggestad, J; Kinnamon, D; Rajput, S; Chilkoti, A
We report a simple droplet fluidic point-of-care test (POCT) that uses gravity to manipulate the sequence, timing, and motion of droplets on a surface. To fabricate this POCT, we first developed a surface coating toolbox of nine different coatings with three levels of wettability and three levels of slipperiness that can be independently tailored. We then fabricated a device that has interconnected fluidic elements-pumps, flow resistors and flow guides-on a highly slippery solid surface to precisely control the timing and sequence of motion of multiple droplets and their interactions on the surface. We then used this device to carry out a multi-step enzymatic assay of a clinically relevant analyte-lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)-to demonstrate the application of this technology for point-of-care diagnosis.