Nanoparticulate drug delivery systems

TitleNanoparticulate drug delivery systems
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsYousefpour, P, Chilkoti, A
Patent Version NumberUS20210316007A1
International Patent ClassificationA1
International Patent Number20210316007
Application Number17/272887
Date Published10/14/2021

Described herein are compositions that include an assembly of self-assembling conjugates. The self-assembling conju gates may include a polypeptide having a transition tem perature (17) above 50 C. when the polypeptide is not attached to the conjugate, an albumin binding domain (ABD) attached to a first end of the polypeptide, and at least one molecule attached to a second end of the polypeptide through a cysteine group, wherein the molecule has an octanol-water distribution coefficient (log D) of greater than or equal to 1.5 at a pH of 7.4 when the molecule is not attached to the conjugate. Also described herein are methods of using the compositions.