Non-fouling polymeric surface modification and signal amplification method for biomolecular detection

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A. Chilkoti
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Duke University

An article such as a biosensor having a nonfouling surface thereon is described. The article comprises: (a) a substrate having a surface portion; (b) a linking layer on the surface portion; (c) a polymer layer comprising brush molecules formed on the linking layer; and (d) optionally but preferably, a first member of a specific binding pair (e.g., a protein, peptide, antibody, nucleic acid, etc.) coupled to the brush molecules. The polymer layer is preferably formed by the process of surface-initiated polymerization (SIP) of monomeric units thereon. Preferably, each of the monomeric units comprises a monomer (for example, a vinyl monomer) core group having at least one protein-resistant head group coupled thereto, to thereby form the brush molecule on the surface portion. Methods of using the articles are also described.