Surfaces having reduced non-specific binding and antigenicity

TitleSurfaces having reduced non-specific binding and antigenicity
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsHucknall, A, Chilkoti, A, Joh, D, Ganson, NJ, Qi, Y, Hershfield, MS
Patent Version NumberUS20210046188A1
International Patent NumberUS20210046188A1
International Patent ClassificationA61K47/58
Application NumberUS20210046188A1
Patent TypePatent Application

Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for reducing the antigenicity of molecules. The antigenicity of a molecule may be reduced or eliminated by conjugating at least one branched polymer to the molecule to form a molecule-polymer conjugate. The branched polymer may include a backbone and a plurality of side chains, each side chain covalently attached to the backbone.