Tunable nonfouling surface of oligoethylene glycol

TitleTunable nonfouling surface of oligoethylene glycol
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsChilkoti, A, Ma, H
Patent Version NumberUS20210047520A1
International Patent ClassificationC09D5/00
International Patent NumberUS20210047520A1
Application NumberUS20210047520A1
Date Published02/2021

An article having a nonfouling surface thereon is comprises: (a) a substrate having a surface portion; (b) a linking layer on the surface portion; and (c) a polymer layer formed on the linking layer, preferably by the process of surface-initiated polymerization of monomeric units thereon, with each of the monomeric units comprising a monomer core group having at least one protein-resistant head group coupled thereto, to thereby form a brush molecule on the surface portion. The brush molecule comprising a stem formed from the polymerization of the monomer core groups, and a plurality of branches formed from the hydrophilic head group projecting from the stem. Methods of making and using such articles, are also described.